Tuesday, December 4, 2012

FreeHand by Meyerco

I just got a FreeHand.  That’s different from a glad hand or a hand out.  My FreeHand is a small pocket knife designed by Blackie Collins.

I met Walter Wells Collins, also known as Blackie, at the first SHOT Show I attended.  I stopped by the Meyerco booth and they introduced him.  He was gracious, warm and put up with me asking questions and posing for photos.  He had a true love of knives and knife making.  

As most of you know he died when he crashed his Triumph motorcycle July 20, 2011.  He was 71 years old.

I recently decided I needed wanted a Collins so I bought a FreeHand.  Blackie Collins designed the knife exclusively for Meyerco and I’ve always liked its looks.  The button release, matte silver blade and round silver medallion containing a BC set in shiny black handles has always appealed to me.

Blackie Collin's FreeHand knife
It could be the right size to carry just about anywhere you go.

The 2.5-inch blade is made from 154CM steel and is housed in a glass filled nylon 3.5 inch handle.  A button releases the blade and your index finger can flick the blade out. 

Yes, it took a little practice, but not much.

One handed opening of Meyerco's FreeHand
With a little practice you can open the knife with one continuous finger pull or walk it open with several shorter pulls.

 Push the button again and you can close the blade with your index finger or simply wipe it closed.

The blade is too light for a wrist flip to open the knife, but I’ve read that people are converting these to auto-knives with a little work.  I wasn’t able to find a spring kit or video but I really didn’t look that hard.  I did find you can take the clip off.  The knife is set up to be carried tip down and the knife handle doesn’t look like you can reverse it.  Without the clip you can drop it in your pocket and go about your business.  Not every knife has to be a hide-in-dark-shadows-tactical knife.

I’m not going to change this little guy.  I just want to keep the knife as it is to remember Blackie Collins.

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Anonymous said...

I really injoyed this Blackie Collins knife review. I too am an avid fan of the the great Mr.Collins and his smooth opening designs, as there are many. His knives and designs have been used and copied more, by far than most other knife makers, designers. I have several of his knives and or knives made from his ideas by reputable knife companies. All open smoothly and surely for action and all are ergornomicly comfortable in the hand. I believe, but am not possitive, that Buck Knives use either his or a very similar design idea, for about three different fisical designs, with the push button, one finger roll out method. The Red button is pushed and index finger rolls the blade out as well as pushed again to close. I love the simple design function of this perticular Red Dot knife. It is just too similar to not be, I think. I don't have the BC knife in your review, but I will gladly buy one as soon as I locate one, and I too will leave it as is, for the same reason as you.