Wednesday, December 19, 2012

BHK's Maverick Colt

Christmas arrived a few days early for my wife.  She asked L.T. Wright from Blind Horse Knives to make her a little kitchen knife. 

Blind horse logo next to blaze orange handle
I really like the way they worked BHK into a logo of a horse.  It’s a little bit of pizzazz!

My wife and I found ourselves sitting back to back with L.T. and his wife at the OGCA show in Cleveland and business was slow.  Of course this meant we spent a lot of time talking and handling the knives on both of our tables.  My wife really fell for BHK’s short bladed Maverick Colt.  The blade was right, the handle length right and the balance was right.  It should have been an easy sale.  But she wanted it in blaze orange!

shows blind horse knife with the kydex sheath
I like the tight, compact look to this sheath.  The knife fits well and feels secure. 

Why blaze orange?  We like get-away weekends in state park cabins, but the kitchen cutlery at most public cabins is from hunger.  Dull, bent blades and broken handles are the unfortunate reality of most state park kitchens.  Long ago we learned to take can-openers, sharp knives, ladles and serving spoons with us.  Oh, sure we could make do, but I never want a get-away weekend to turn into survival camp.  A sharp knife and a serving spoon isn’t that much of a luxury.

To make sure we leave with the same number of knives we arrived with, my wife realized that colored handles made for an easy spot check.  After packing up for the trip home, a quick look in the kitchen drawers told you if you missed anything.

L.T. was more than happy to make one for her.  We opted for a Kydex sheath.  I like the protection it gives a knife blade and a belt sheath clip because it gives you options.  Because L.T. knew it would be a kitchen knife he made the blade from stainless steel.

Knife in kydex sheith
The orange handle makes it easy to find.  My wife and I think it's a winner!

The blade is flat ground and is almost 2 ¾ inches long.  The G-10 handle is just over 3 ½ inches long and is decorated with 3 two-tone metal pins he calls fisheyes.  The knife weighs in at 80 grams or 2.8 ounces.   It’s a nice knife, well made and sharp.  I like a little more weight in the blade, but it isn’t my knife.  My wife, who knows what she wants, likes it and I’m overjoyed to have a Blind Horse in the house!

Blind Horse Knives has made a name for themselves with quality knives and reasonable prices.  To no surprise a cadre of followers has formed.  BHK is very astute in utilizing the internet and social media.  And while I hope they aren’t insulted, their gains come from hard work, quality and an eye for functional knives and not their internet savvy.

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