Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You can have quality or cheap, pick one.

I had an interesting conversation at the last gun show with a fellow shopping for a knife.

Me: How can I help you sir?

Him: I’m looking for a knife I can carry tip up.

M: That’s very doable.  Let me show you a few I recommend.

H: I want a partial serrated blade.

M:  Take a look at these.

H: I want a quality knife, .... that’s cheap.

M: I think you need to try a few of other the vendors.  The ones with the 2-for-5 bucks baskets, sir.  

I’m still amazed by that conversation.  Some people don't know the difference between quality and price, so they are always looking for that magic combination.


derrick38 said...

Probably like most industries, we have a saying in the cycling world: "While they make Strong, Light, and Cheap--you can only pick TWO."

Wedgehead30 said...

You get what you pay for. Buy cheap buy twice. Some people will never get it. I carried a $100 knife when I was on the job. It never failed me. Now it sits in a drawer cuz it's to big for EDC.