Monday, August 20, 2012

More Boxcutter Action

Seoul police report a little excitement at one of the subway stations Saturday night, 18 Aug 12.

Seems a fellow with a box cutter and insufficient supplies of cardboard went on a stabbing and slicing rampage at subway station.  The Akron Beacon Journal reports the incident occurred outside of Seoul, South Korea and lasted 10 minutes.  This one person cut and slashed 8 people before making his getaway.  None of the injuries were fatal or life threatening.  The police, it is reported, arrested a man running away from the station. 

I was first surprised.  I’m predisposed to think of Oriental countries as the home of martial arts, of empty-handed combat.  Was there nobody with training who could take that blade away in one, two and done?!

And then I remembered how deadly a blade can be.  Yes, even black belts will think twice about going up against a knife empty-handed.

We collect them, take pride in them and even feel some form of affection towards the knives in our collections.  Isn’t it odd?  They’re all killers’ tools.

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I was just thinking that to myself today.