Friday, June 18, 2010

Hell's Angels and Boy Scouts

Oh! Those wacky folks on the other side of the Atlanta Ocean.

I just found an article from June 16, 2010 about attacking Hell’s Angels with a puppy. Now I just finished a book on the Hell’s Angels and frankly siccing a puppy on them would not be my weapon of choice. Unless a puppy is what you call a baby dragon.

It turns out a German student, possibly with a death wish, mooned and then flung a puppy at a group of Hell’s Angels. He then tried to make his get away on a stolen bulldozer at 3 miles an hour. One can almost see the youth holding his pants up with one hand flogging away at the dozer with other hand, shout

“Faster!  Faster you fool. They are almost upon us!”

The paper didn’t report if he moved the dozer’s blade up and down in the menacing manner. The Telegraph reports he made good his get-a-way. He was later arrested at home. I can only surmise the Angel’s were laughing too hard to chase after him.

Last September Great Britain’s Boy Scouts were advised not to carry their pen knives, even when in uniform. An English newspaper, The Guardian, reports that “Scouts are so closely associated with pocket knives that the term Boy Scout knife is a synonym for penknife.” Bad news from the nation that once carved out an empire so bold, so large, the sun never set on it and is now afraid of Boy Scouts. It must have been that deadly combination of folding blade and can opener that was more than anyone could take.

In a related story, it was reported the whirring noise reported by so many Britons was identified as Lord Baden-Powell spinning in his grave.,_1st_Baron_Baden-Powell

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derrick38 said...

Another nail in the coffin for England. How does an entire nation manage to just roll over and play dead?